U2: The biggest band in the World


If you want to see U2 perform in 2023/2024, you'll have to travel to Las Vegas. In the revolutionary MSG-Sphere, the band plays a spectacular show, build on the legendary “Achtung “Baby” Album.

In bringing an ode to this bestselling live band, LikeU2 is the next best thing!

The members shared their 20 years of U2 experience throughout countries like Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland and of course their home country The Netherlands. Playing their own theatre shows, 2,5-hour club shows and festivals, convincing fans and critics. Close your eyes and you'll think this is the real U2! Most heard feedback after attending a LikeU2 show is how extremely close they sound to the real U2.

As a big The Edge fan, LikeU2's guitar player Leon Claessens' goal was to play and sound just like his idol, making him one off the best ”The Edge’s” out there.

The charismatic Hans Reinders has the same timbre in his voice, which makes him sound really close to the actual Bono.

Emiel Joosten proven to be everything Adam stands for with his groove and recognizable playing style.

The captain function on the LikeU2 ship is done by Ger Joosten, playing U2 songs since 2002 with that typical Larry Mullen jr. feel.


Fasten your seatbelts as these guys will rock your house.

They have the sound and feel just like the real deal.



LikeU2 is:

Hans Reinders   - vocals

Leon Claessens - guitar & backing vocals    

Emiel Joosten    - bass

Ger Joosten        - drums & backing vocals